Chris MacMartin

Arrangements and Learning Tracks


His learning tracks are not just accurate.  They're very musical and lyrically expressive - a great tool for any chorus or quartet singer!

>>James Estes, fellow learning track producer

The Harbourtown Sound has now used Chris MacMartin for a number of learning tracks and also a contest arrangement of "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow".  His tracks are first rate, accurate, and a good vocal model for the chorus.  Chris was also a gem to work with when we wanted our custom arrangement of the aforementioned ballad.  After going through some drafts with me getting my feedback along the way, he created a masterpiece for the chorus.  We will continue to use Chris for both custom arrangements and tracks and gladly tell others about our positive experiences!

>>Jordan Travis
>>Director: Harbourtown Sound Chorus, Associate Director: Toronto Northern Lights.